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«Can you add honey to hot tea or baked goods?Myth or truth?»

Since childhood, we have been taught that adding honey to tea improves health and helps to recover faster. However, over time, we began to be told that this type of tea sweetening is not entirely safe for health. So, let’s understand this topic together and determine: is honey really so dangerous when heated? What is […]

  • 10-15-2023
«Interesting facts about honey»

Honey is a unique food product loved by millions of people. Therefore, it is not surprising that many interesting facts and myths are associated with it. We have collected the most interesting facts for you and, taking this opportunity, we will dispel some common myths. Let’s break down some myths Myth #1. Honey does not […]

  • 9-11-2023
«An unusual reason to buy honey from Mel Apis!»

By buying natural, unprocessed honey, you support the development of beekeeping as a craft. We know all our beekeepers personally, they are wonderful people, huge hard workers who have been faithful to their troublesome business for decades. In our technological age, they are few of those who try to preserve the traditions of craft crafts […]

  • 6-11-2023

You will need very little honey to make this cake, but the finished honey pot has a rich honey taste. And the delicate sour cream soaks the baked cakes perfectly. For the dough: 125 g of margarine or oil 1 cup of granulated sugar 2-3 st. l. Mel Apis honey 1 tsp. of soda not […]

  • 4-28-2023
«How to make delicious granola with Mel Apis honey?»

Crispy and aromatic homemade granola is very easy to prepare!All you need to do is take oatmeal (sometimes puffed rice is used instead), your favorite nuts, seeds and dried fruits, a little honey or maple syrup and butter. Mix all the ingredients well and bake in the oven. About half an hour – and you […]

  • 3-16-2023
«History of honey»

The history of honey begins long before the appearance of writing. Over the years, people began to learn about the beneficial properties of honey. The earliest record of bees in a hive was found in the Temple of the Sun, which was built in 2400 BC, near Cairo. The image of a bee was used […]

  • 12-29-2022
«Useful properties of honey»

You’ve probably heard many times that you can’t eat a lot of sweets, especially for women, because it has a negative effect on the skin, makes it greasy and clogs pores. Well, this does not apply to honey! If this beekeeping product is used daily and in small amounts, the skin will become better. Honey […]

  • 11-16-2022
«U open EU: “Ukrainian natural honey MEL APIS plan to export to EU”»

  • 6-6-2019
«Why honey?»

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  • 3-14-2019
«You could buy our honey at “Nash fermer” stores»

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  • 3-3-2019