«Can you add honey to hot tea or baked goods?Myth or truth?»

  • 10-15-2023

Since childhood, we have been taught that adding honey to tea improves health and helps to recover faster. However, over time, we began to be told that this type of tea sweetening is not entirely safe for health. So, let’s understand this topic together and determine: is honey really so dangerous when heated?

What is the danger of heated honey?
Hydroxymethylfurfural is considered the most dangerous in honey. It is formed when the sugar contained in honey is heated. Standard values of hydroxymethylfurfural help track the age and conditions in which honey was stored. At the same time, there are no studies that would confirm that this substance is dangerous, given its amount in average honey. By the way, the amount of this compound in coffee, pastries, jams and sweet carbonated water significantly exceeds the permissible standards set for honey, but we do not consider them dangerous and safely consume them.

We’ll let you in on a little secret!
It is this substance that is formed when sugar is heated. And this means that, except for honey, it is formed in any food during heat treatment. Especially in baked goods, jams, fried or baked, boiled or even dried products, sweet carbonated water. And the leaders in this are prunes, roasted coffee and ordinary croutons.

However, there is no need to panic, because in recent detailed studies, the toxicity and carcinogenicity of hydroxymethylfurfural has not been proven at all.

Therefore, we can safely add honey to tea, pastries, and generally, wherever you like.

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