• 4-28-2023

You will need very little honey to make this cake, but the finished honey pot has a rich honey taste. And the delicate sour cream soaks the baked cakes perfectly.

For the dough:

125 g of margarine or oil

1 cup of granulated sugar

2-3 st. l. Mel Apis honey

1 tsp. of soda not slaked

2 eggs

3.5-4 cups of flour

For the cream:

0.5 kg sour cream 15-20%

1 cup of sugar

So, let’s go!

? Melt the margarine in a water bath.

?Add sugar and honey.

?Heat, stirring until a homogeneous mass.

?Add soda and interfere with the increase and whitening of the mass. Remove from the water bath and cool.

? Then add the eggs and mix well.

?Add flour and knead the dough.

? Divide into 8-10 parts. Roll out very thin cakes directly on the baking sheet. Make several punctures with a fork and bake one at a time for 2-3 minutes. in a preheated oven until brown.

? While hot, cut the edges in any shape. Place on a towel to cool (do not fold face to face when hot, they may stick).

Cream: beat cold sour cream with sugar with a mixer.

Spread the cakes (do not spare the cream), pressing on top.

? Decorate the top of the honey jar with crushed crumbs from the leftover cakes. It is possible with nuts and chocolate.

?You can buy live honey by weight:

50 g
285 g
400 g
655 g
And also order a set of different types of honey!